Seam Grip Tent Sealant 2oz

Seam Grip FC water-based tent seam sealer that quickly seals up to 60 ft of seams. Dries to a clear, flexible seal that keeps moisture out all year long. Can be applied quickly and easily, providing a water-tight seal that won’t peel or crack over time.

Sandal Wash - 125ml

Specialty cleaner designed to freshen and deodorize all non waterproof footwear, insoles and footbeds. Easy to use, non flammable and PFC free.

Alpine Dish Brush / Scraper

The MSR® Dish Brush/Scraper features a scraping edge and brush that makes cleaning up camping dishes quick and easy–essential to any camp kitchen.

Aquaseal+ Neo, 1.5 oz.

Aquaseal NEO is a fast-acting, durable black contact cement for wetsuit repair. It bonds permanently to neoprene and other coated materials, and cures to an elastic rubber that stretches and bends with fabrics. It's abrasion-resistant and waterproof.

Spare Valve Cap 2005-2016

A spare valve cap is a good option for your field repair kit on a long trip.

Seam Grip 1oz

Seam Grip WP can seal up to 12 ft of gear. It's also a flexible repair adhesive that can patch up holes in all types of fabric including nylon, vinyl and canvas. Ideal for when gear rips or leaks on a camping trip.

SilNet 1.5oz

Specifically designed for silicone treated fabrics, perfect for sealing silnylon tents, tarps and ultralight backpacks. A single 1.5 oz tube can seal up to 24 ft of seams, perfect for pinhole repairs and small tears, easy to use and weather-resistant.

Aquaseal FD 3/4 oz.

Aquaseal FD is a clear, waterproof adhesive that quickly repairs outdoor gear. It offers excellent abrasion resistance and cures to a flexible rubber glue. Ideal for fixing gear in constant motion, it can also be used as a seam sealer.

Alpine Salt & Pepper Shaker

The Alpine™ Salt & Pepper Shaker features moisture-resistant seals and two isolated chambers in one compact shaker for all your camp meal seasoning needs.

Freesole Shoe Repair 1 oz.

Aquaseal SR is waterproof, clear, flexible and lasts for years. One small 1 oz tube can fix boots, create toe protectors, and rebuild worn heels. It's perfect for heavy-duty shoe repairs that can withstand the elements, from rubber boots to steel-toe shoe

Tenacious Tape Silnylon Patch

Fix tears and rips in lightweight fabrics with Tenacious Tape Silnylon Patches. Strong ripstop nylon with silicone-based adhesive, these patches are perfect for repairing silnylon tents, tarps, backpacks and stuffsacks. Washable and weatherproof.

Fabric & Leather Proof

High performance waterproofer designed to revitalize breathability of all combination fabric and leather footwear. Easy to apply by hand, non flammable and PFC free.

Conditioner for Leather

High performance waterproofing conditioner designed to add suppleness and soften smooth leather footwear, clothing and accessories. Easy to apply by hand, non flammable, PFC and aerosol free.

Nubuck & Suede Proof

High performance waterproofer desinged to maintain texture and breathability of nubuck and suede footwear. Easy to apply by hand, non flammable and PFC free.

Waterproofing Wax for Leather-Cream

Instant waterproofing, designed to revitalize breathability and maintain suppleness of all smooth leather items. Easy to apply by hand, non flammable, PFC and aerosol free.

NRS Bow/Stern Handle

Strong 1" double-layer webbing handle

Cottonmouth Nose Plugs

Comfy, grippy, low profile

Alpine Deluxe Cutting Board

The BPA-free Alpine Deluxe Cutting Board features two rigid halves connected with a folding hinge for the best combination of durability and portability.

DeepDish Bowl

MSR® DeepDish™ Plates and Bowls are designed to nest with most MSR cook systems and pot sets, and make a great addition to any outdoor kitchen.

Cat Crap Spray On

Cleans and polishes glass and plastic lenses, repels lint and dust and significantly reduces fogging. Simply spray your lens and wipe clear with a chamois or micro fiber cloth.

Spare Valve Cap TAV

A spare valve cap is a good option for your field repair kit on a long trip.

Aquaseal Repair kit W/ patch

Aquaseal FD Repair Kit is a compact solution for quick and permanent repairs of outdoor gear such as waders, drysuits, and inflatables. It includes all the necessary tools for a repair, and it's ideal for all types of fabrics.

Wool Wash - 300ml

Speciality cleaner designed to deodorize and enhance the wicking and drying performance of merino wool items. Easy to use in your washing machine.

Tech Wash - 300ml

Market leading cleaner designed to revitalize water repellency and breathability of waterproof gear. Easy to use in your washing machine or by hand, non flammable and PFC free.
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