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Samaya 3.0

Samaya 3.0
Samaya 3.0
Samaya 3.0
Samaya 3.0
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Designed for advanced camps, the Samaya3.0 has been tested and validated in extreme conditions by Himalayan experts to ensure the highest level of strength, durability and comfort without compromising on lightness. Read more..

Designed for advanced camps, the Samaya3.0 has been tested and validated in extreme conditions by Himalayan experts to ensure the highest level of strength, durability and comfort without compromising on lightness.

This new model has been specially designed for advanced base camps. The Samaya3.0 brings together a host of features essential to high mountain climbers and benefits from our latest technology.

The geodesic structure with 4 poles and 7 crossings ofpoles guarantees unprecedented stability, mechanical resistance and durability. The technicality and reliability of the components also ensure a high level of safety and optimal comfort in alpine style, even in the most extreme conditions. Comfort is also provided by a large floor area of 4.2 m² capable of accommodating 3 people and an optimized interior volume with a height of 130 cm. The interior layout has been carefully designed to add comfort and practicality with more than 8 side pockets, our famous removable overhead pocket and a considerable number of hooks for hanging things up overnight.

With all these advantages of durability, performance and comfort, Samaya has taken up the challenge of keeping its signature intact by offering an extraordinary lightness. The new addition to the 8K line is the ultimate solution for high altitude expeditions. With the Samaya3.0, Samaya guarantees you an experience rich in emotions in complete safety.


Floor waterproofness: 20,000 mm
Wall waterproofness: 10,000 mm
Breathability: 40,000 g/m²/24h


Capacity: 3 persons
Minimum weight: 2860 g (6 lb 5 oz)
Packaged weight: 2930 g (6 lb 7 oz)


Floor size: 2400 mm x 2200 mm (94 in x 79 in)
Surface area: 4.2 m² (45.2 sq. ft.)
Height: 1300 mm (51 in)
Interior volume: 3.5 m³ (123.6 cu. ft.)
Packaged size: 220 mm x 350 mm (9 in x 14 in)
Packaged volume: 10.4 L (635 cu.inch)


Floor fabric: Dyneema® Composite Fabric 43 g/m²
Wall fabric:Cordura® laminated 3-layer fabric - Nanovent® membrane
Removable roof fabric: Dyneema® Composite Fabric 34 g/m²
Snow skirts: Dyneema® Composite Fabric 43 g/m²
Vents: Adjustable water-repellent YKK® zip
Entrance doors: Adjustable water-repellent Aquaguard® YKK® zip & Dyneema® flap
Floor corners: Cordura® and Dyneema® reinforcement


Poles: DAC FeatherLite™ PL 10.65 mm (x4)
Pegs: Swiss Piranha BF120 (x14)
Repair Kit: Repair Tube (x1) & Repair Kit (x1)


Seasons: 4
Entry doors: 2
Seams: 100% waterproof
Pockets: Four large, four small and one removable overhead pocket
Adjusters: One on each guyline (x14)
Guylines: Dyneema® core with adjusters, triangular & reflective (x14)
Buckles: Suspension buckles (x23)
Optional accessories: Vestibule3.0 and Footprint3.0

Samaya Wall


Samaya specializes in "single-wall" tents that have only one fabric and therefore only one layer between the interior and the exterior environment. This design saves weight and space when folded, with only half the fabric area needed to build the tent. An ultra-light and compact tent allows you to carry more equipment for longer periods of time, or to be lighter and move more quickly with less fatigue.

In order to maintain the same properties as double-wall tents, this type of design requires the use of technically advanced textiles. In the world of the single-wall tent, it is therefore customary to use breathable waterproof membrane fabrics to ensure protection from the outside environment and to dispel the vapour emitted by the user. The porosity and air permeability of these membranes also allow for the regeneration of indoor air and the maintenance of a comfortable and safe ecosystem for users.

Samaya has created the Nanovent® technology and optimized its electrospinning technique. Very specific adjustments of polyurethane nano-filaments allow air to pass through the membrane while guaranteeing a high level of impermeability. This technology allows Samaya to offer the most versatile tents on the market today. This membrane adapts perfectly to the environment in which it is found to guarantee a flawless waterproofing and an optimal management of condensation. This technology is also attracting a lot of interest thanks to its lightness and compactness.

The walls of the ALPINE range and now the 8K range, are based on this technology with a 3-layer laminated fabric whose core is the Nanovent® membrane (between hydrophobic nylon on the outside and hydrophilic nylon on the inside).

Samaya Floor


Dyneema® composite was chosen by Samaya for the flooring of its tents because of its exceptional properties. It is a laminated textile made of monofilaments of UHMWPE fiber and two layers of Mylar®.

The Dyneema® filaments superimposed at 90° to each other provide the mechanical qualities of the fabric and allow it to contain the tear in case of perforation. The two Mylar® sheets hold everything together and provide excellent resistance to abrasion as well as an unprecedented waterproofness of 20,000 mm. In addition to its performance, this material is very easy to repair, which increases the life of the products Samaya.

Waterproofness: 20,000 mm

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