303 Protectant 10oz

Protection for your boat and water gear.

Cat Crap Anti Fog Wipes Each

Cleans and polishes glass and plastic. Repels lint and dust. Prevents fogging of lenses. Great for eyeglasses, ski goggles, swim goggles, face shields, sunglasses and binocular lenses.

Cat Crap Spray On

Cleans and polishes glass and plastic lenses, repels lint and dust and significantly reduces fogging. Simply spray your lens and wipe clear with a chamois or micro fiber cloth.

Sno-Seal 3.5oz

The original beeswax waterproofing protects from rain, sun, snow and salt. Waterproofs, preserves and restores leather. Allows leather to breathe. Will not damage glue seams, stitching or welts.

Zipper Repair Kit

Fix Zippers Like a Pro

Ski Skin Proof

High performance waterproofer designed to prevent ice build-up on fibers and saturation on all ski skins. Easy to use, non flammable and PFC free.

Patch & Repair 4”x6”

PatchNRepair is a tough, formable patch that excels in repairing breaks, cracks, and holes on almost any hard, non-porous surface.

Tear Aid Type A Fabric Patch Kit

Repairs holes and tears instantly.

Tear Aid Type B Fabric Patch Kit

Repairs holes and tears instantly.

Zipper Lubricant Stick 2pk

Smooth Zippers for Outdoor Gear

Gore-Tex Fabric Patch

Patch a hole or tear in GORE-TEX jackets, raincoats, ski pants, and gloves with these black peel-and-stick patches made of authentic GORE-TEX fabric.

Tenacious Hex Patch - Coyote

Signature hex-shaped patches for rips and tears in outdoor gear and outerwear.

Tenacious Hex Patch - OD Green

Signature hex-shaped patches for rips and tears in outdoor gear and outerwear.

Tenacious Tape Mesh Patches

Quickly fix ripped bug screens with Tenacious Tape Mesh Patches. The kit includes two 3" pre-cut patches that easily adhere to any mesh or no-see-um screens. Simply position the patch over the tear, then peel and stick for a fast, easy repair.

Tenacious Tape Refective

Keep visible and safe with Tenacious Tape Reflective. This fabric tape uses glass bead technology to reflect light better than colored or fluorescent tape, making it perfect for use on jackets, backpacks, shoes, bike gear, helmets, and pet accessories.

Tenacious Tape Silnylon Patch

Fix tears and rips in lightweight fabrics with Tenacious Tape Silnylon Patches. Strong ripstop nylon with silicone-based adhesive, these patches are perfect for repairing silnylon tents, tarps, backpacks and stuffsacks. Washable and weatherproof.

Zip Care Cleaner 2oz

Clean Zippers Last Longer

Seam Grip Tent Sealant 2oz

Seam Grip FC water-based tent seam sealer that quickly seals up to 60 ft of seams. Dries to a clear, flexible seal that keeps moisture out all year long. Can be applied quickly and easily, providing a water-tight seal that won’t peel or crack over time.

Seam Grip 1oz

Seam Grip WP can seal up to 12 ft of gear. It's also a flexible repair adhesive that can patch up holes in all types of fabric including nylon, vinyl and canvas. Ideal for when gear rips or leaks on a camping trip.

SilNet 1.5oz

Specifically designed for silicone treated fabrics, perfect for sealing silnylon tents, tarps and ultralight backpacks. A single 1.5 oz tube can seal up to 24 ft of seams, perfect for pinhole repairs and small tears, easy to use and weather-resistant.

Freesole Shoe Repair 1 oz.

Aquaseal SR is waterproof, clear, flexible and lasts for years. One small 1 oz tube can fix boots, create toe protectors, and rebuild worn heels. It's perfect for heavy-duty shoe repairs that can withstand the elements, from rubber boots to steel-toe shoe

Aquaseal Repair kit W/ patch

Aquaseal FD Repair Kit is a compact solution for quick and permanent repairs of outdoor gear such as waders, drysuits, and inflatables. It includes all the necessary tools for a repair, and it's ideal for all types of fabrics.

Aquaseal+ Neo, 1.5 oz.

Aquaseal NEO is a fast-acting, durable black contact cement for wetsuit repair. It bonds permanently to neoprene and other coated materials, and cures to an elastic rubber that stretches and bends with fabrics. It's abrasion-resistant and waterproof.

Aquaseal FD 3/4 oz.

Aquaseal FD is a clear, waterproof adhesive that quickly repairs outdoor gear. It offers excellent abrasion resistance and cures to a flexible rubber glue. Ideal for fixing gear in constant motion, it can also be used as a seam sealer.
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