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Hyper Manti

Hyper Manti
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A true BC quiver killer without sacrificing weight, for those who love turns, you wont be disappointed. Read more..

The facts are these: the Manti’s early rise tip and gradual tail rocker effect a tolerant and playful performance, and they’re built with a sidecut that acts decisively when put on de-cambered edge. The result? A ski that intuitively magnifies the intentions of its pilot, whether those aims be graceful and surf-like or precise and assertive.

These are skis engineered for a swift response and an authoritative turn. And thanks to the weight shed by their paulownia core—more than a pound per pair vs. the regular Manti—the Hyper Manti conserves more power during long uphill pursuits. You really can’t be blamed for reaching for them so frequently... but you can blame us if you need a scapegoat. Send our regards to the rest of your quiver.



Length (cm) : 171
Tip Width (mm) 134
Waist (mm) 102
Tail Width (mm) 121
Radius (m) 17
Pair Weight (lbs.oz./​kg) 5lbs 11oz /​​​ 2.59kg
Suggested Skier Weight Range (lbs-kg) 120-190 54-86
Length (cm) : 176
Tip Width (mm) 136
Waist (mm) 103
Tail Width (mm) 123
Radius (m) 18
Pair Weight (lbs.oz./​kg) 5lbs 14oz /​​​ 2.67kg
Suggested Skier Weight Range (lbs-kg) 130-190 59-86
Length (cm) : 181
Tip Width (mm) 138
Waist (mm) 104
Tail Width (mm) 124
Radius (m) 18
Pair Weight (lbs.oz./​kg) 6lbs 1oz /​​​ 2.76kg
Suggested Skier Weight Range (lbs-kg) 140+ 64+
Length (cm) : 186
Tip Width (mm) 140
Waist (mm) 105
Tail Width (mm) 127
Radius (m) 19
Pair Weight (lbs.oz./​kg) 6lbs 9oz /​​​ 2.98kg
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