This ski has its own cult following. That’s because Thovex was after the perfect freestyle-inspired one-ski-quiver, and in collaboration with Faction designers he knocked this one out of the park. Its playful shape allows the 21/22 CT 3.0 to easily butter and wash out for jibbing, and also hold a strong edge when you crank up the dial. For the rider who is always on the lookout for fresh goods and needs a lightweight, versatile ski to rip up the whole mountain, look no further. Designed & tested at Faction's home in Verbier, Switzerland, handmade in Europe at the finest manufacturing facilities in the world. Built to last.

You'll love this ski if: You want something light and nimble that is easy to spin and wash out, You want a versatile skis that can do everything well including climb, You want to be able to go backwards or land switch


  • RADIUS21M @ 184CM
  • WEIGHT1990G @ 184CM
  • TIP140MM
  • WAIST112MM
  • TAIL134MM